2015 May Newsletter We Want You! Series

A Balancing Act: Treasurer Kim Freels

Kim Freels

Kim Freels

Club treasurer Kim Freels shares her thoughts on what it takes to get people to pay their dues.

By Rosalind Early

Why did you run for treasurer of Toastmasters? 

I am comfortable with numbers, and at the Brown School, I review our program budgets, and am also the treasurer for our program’s honorary society, Delta Omega. Having this skill set, and wanting to be a part of the leadership team seemed like a natural fit for the role of Treasurer.

What has been your greatest challenge in the position?  

Finding a bank account that offers free checking for non-profit organizations.

Why would you encourage someone to run for club treasurer?

You get the chance to communicate with all of your fellow Toastmaster members, which has really increased my network support at WashU. You can also put your budgeting and communication skills to great use, and have fun at the same time. There are only two major times when someone in this role is extremely busy: During membership renewal in March and September.  The rest of the time is day-to-day business as needed.

Who would make a good club treasurer?  

Someone who is detail-oriented, likes checks-and-balances processes, is friendly, and is not afraid to say no.  Sometimes, it’s just not in the budget!

More about Kim:

Kim is one of three club members to say A Prayer for Owen Meany is her favorite book. (The others are Chris Sherman and Martin Yoakum.)

When reading the book, “I laughed out loud; I cried buckets; I learned the value of love and friendship, and what self-sacrifice really means,” she says.


This is part of the We Want You! Series, which profiled each of our charter club officers before they handed over the reins to the new team on July 1.