2015 May Newsletter We Want You! Series

Another June Goodbye: Newsletter editor Rosalind Early

Rosalind Early

Rosalind Early

Though she’s not an officer, Rosalind Early has had a big presence in WUSTL Speaks lately as the club newsletter editor.

“I sort of appointed myself,” Rosalind says with a chuckle. WashU hosted a Race & Ethnicity conference, where Rosalind ran into some of her fellow Toastmasters. She wanted to share their accomplishments, so she asked VP Public Relations, Troy DeArmitt, if she could start a newsletter.

“It’s really fun, but a lot of work,” Rosalind says. She will be stepping down in June. Her job included laying out the newsletter, sourcing art, and heading the newsletter committee. “It’s crazy we have enough stories for a monthly,” she says. “We all do so much!”

This is part of the We Want You! Series, which profiled each of our charter club officers before they handed over the reins to the new team on July 1.