2015 April Newsletter

Behind the Staff Day Speech Showcase

On Monday, May 18th, Washington University will hold its inaugural Staff Day Speech Showcase.

Members from Toast of WU and WUSTL Speaks will present their best speeches from the last year and a half.

WUSTL Speaks member Troy DeArmitt came up with the idea for the showcase as a way to promote the club. “After just a few months of meetings, there was this somberness among the officers that more people weren’t getting to see the great talks happening in these meetings,” Troy says. “Trying to figure out how to fix that led to the idea about a Staff Day Showcase.”

The showcase will benefit club members as well, offering an opportunity to present a more polished version of their best speech and to “really take their skills and experience to another level,” Troy says.

Now that all entries have been submitted, speeches will be voted on in club meetings, if necessary, and announced on May 8th. Participants will have an opportunity to practice at the meeting on May 13th.

Troy and Shirley Ikemeier are organizing the event and have been working out all of the details over the past several weeks. They created judging criteria, lined up guest judges, and have even lined up a guest speaker, veteran Toastmaster John Barry, to entertain the crowd with a humorous speech while the judges discuss the scores.

“While I’m prepared, emotionally, for a smallish turnout this year,” Troy says, “I’m confident this event will go on to be a Staff Day favorite among our friends and colleagues in the years ahead.”

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