2015 May Newsletter We Want You! Series

Being Club President: What You Need to Know

Uncle_Sam_(pointing_finger)By Jackie Lorrainne

Being president is about meeting the needs of the club members, supporting them and making sure everyone is able to learn and grow in a safe, fun environment.  Planning meetings, setting goals, mentoring, resolving conflicts, representing the club at district events, attending training session, and promoting the club whenever possible are just a few of the duties.  Working closely with the VP Education is key.  Guard that one hour for the club meeting each week.  It’s important that you’re there to give the club continuity and structure.  If you are trying to prepare speeches, do leadership roles, and do district events then be prepared to spend a lot of time on Toastmasters.

This is part of the We Want You! Series, which profiled each of our charter club officers before they handed over the reins to the new team on July 1.