2015 May Newsletter

Celebrating our Anniversary

By Anna Eggemeyer

WUSTL Speaks celebrated its one year anniversary on April 29, 2015. For the meeting, Cecily Hawksworth spoke about the art of origami, complete with visual aids. She chose her speech topic, paper folding, in honor of our one-year anniversary. Paper is a traditional first-year wedding gift.

While also drawing a helpful flow chart,  Josh Lawrence, delivered a speech about his team at WashU, which supports 2,200 users as the Solutions Center/Personal Computing Support Services (PCSS).

John Richards spoke about an online game, based on the siege of Sarajevo, which he recently played while ill because, “When I was hacking up a lung on the couch, I wanted something to do.” This speech earned John enough points to win the club participation contest.

Quote of the meeting:

“Give me a crane to move a crane.”
-Cecily Hawksworth describing the biggest crane ever made.

A Look Back at Our First Year

  • April 8, 2014  First meeting
  • April 16, 2014 First speeches:
  • Troy DeArmitt’s “Who I am and Why I’m Here” & Mary Clemens’s “The Icebreaker.”
  • June 4, 2014 Our site went live.


  • Mary becomes the first to complete her Competent Communication Manual.
  • Martin Yoakum, Troy and Mary compete in area & divison speech contests.
  • Jackie Lorrainne and Cecily Hawksworth earn their Competent Leader awards.
  • Troy and Shirley Ikemeier stage WashU’s first Staff Day Speech Showcase.