Club News

Club Officer Roles

All Officers:

Sergeant at Arms: for 2019-20, Yiming Baker

  • set up and break down meeting room
  • responsible for all club equipment (banner, nametags, gavel, etc.)
  • reserves meeting location each semester

Treasurer: for 2019-20, Brenda Archie

  • collect & pay dues to Toastmasters International world headquarters by October 1 and April 1
  • responsible for all financial transactions and reporting
  • submits new member applications to world headquarters in Club Central, coordinating with VP Membership

Secretary: for 2019-20, Jennifer Krupp

  • keeps all club files, including charter, constitution, and correspondence
  • takes minutes at executive committee meetings and attendance at weekly meetings (records attendance on our website)
  • ensures officer list is submitted to world headquarters in Club Central soon after elections, so that new officers may attend training
  • creates name tags for new members
  • understand Base Camp, as back up approver in Pathways

VP Public Relations: for 2019-20, Peter Ogunniran

  • maintains club website & Facebook group
  • sends out weekly Monday tease

VP Membership: for 2019-20, Xiaodan Wang

  • works to increase club membership
  • nurtures current club membership
  • follows up with guests/visitors after meetings and maintains welcome packets

VP Education: for 2019-20, Martin Yoakum

  • prepare agendas to ensure that all roles are filled for each meeting ahead of time and we have at least one speech planned. If, for some reason, a speech is not planned, find another way to fill the time during that meeting
  • keep track of all members’ progress
  • submit educational awards to world headquarters, and manage “base camp” for Pathways

President: for 2019-20, Jonathan Lee

  • preside over weekly meetings
  • motivate officer team
  • promote educational awards and provide recognition
  • oversee the administrative operation of the club
  • chair monthly (at least) executive committee meetings
  • understand Base Camp, as backup approver for Pathways