2015 May Newsletter

Contest Champions


Contest participants Troy DeArmitt (far left) and Mary Clemens (third from right)

By Rosalind Early

On March 26, WUSTL Speaks members Mary Clemens and Troy DeArmitt took part in the area international speech contest and area evaluation contest respectively. This was Mary’s second time competing at the area level. In the fall she competed in the impromptu speaking contest. It was also her second time taking home top honors.

She placed first in the contest with her speech, “Before You Say I Love Him.” In which Mary describes the questions that her daughters need to ask of themselves and their partners before they say that they’re in love.

Several members of the club came to support Mary and Troy. “It takes a speical commitment to our club and it’s members to take time out of your evening for this,” Mary wrote in thanks.

Mary credits Troy with some of her success. “My speech would not have been what it was if it hadn’t been for his clear and thorough critique. Plus he was an incredible coach, by my side until I walked up to the podium,” she wrote in an email the day after the contest.

This was Troy DeArmitt’s first area speech contest and he placed third in the evaluations. “Shortly after the results were announced, someone asked me if I was going to do that again,” Troy recalls. “I emphatically told them, ‘No way, these guys are too good.’ But before I closed my eyes for bed that night, invigorated by the sense of accomplishment I felt at having gone there and done what I do at the skill level I’m capable of doing it, I had changed my mind and decided that not only would I do it again, I would do it again tomorrow if I could.”

Mary and Troy both appreciate the experience and appreciate the continuous club support. “Mary’s win is a win for our club collectively,” Troy says, “It is our camaraderie, our attendance, our attention, our support, and our belief in one another that is advancing all of us so.”