2015 May Newsletter We Want You! Series

For the Record: Secretary Cecily Stewart Hawksworth

Cecily Stewart-Hawksworth

Cecily Stewart-Hawksworth

By Jackie Lorrainne

Cecily Hawksworth is an administrative assistant in Arts & Sciences. She volunteered to be club secretary at the club’s first organizational meeting and is the youngest Toastmasters officer. She finds timely and inspiring quotes to share each week, plans and takes minutes for our officers meetings, and was the creator and mastermind behind the Wizard of Ahs cape. She also contributes to the club newsletter and keeps amazing and extensive notes about all of the club happenings.

Cecily recently completed her Competent  Leadership Manual and plans to pursue another leadership role in the club next year. Cecily has a history of excelling in her leadership positions, so she’s sure to do great.

Little known facts about Cecily: 

  • Last November she got a tattoo in honor of her family and sister. It has two ribbons on a tree trunk that represent  diabetes and multiple sclerosis and two kitties modeled after her own. She also got a new tattoo on her leg in March to match her husband’s.
  • She sits on a 65 cm exercise ball instead of a traditional office chair at work.
  • She has a desire to add more purple items to her wardrobe.
  • Cecily always brightens up the meetings with her infectious laugh.


This is part of the We Want You! Series, which profiled each of our charter club officers before they handed over the reins to the new team on July 1.