1. Prepare agendas to ensure that all roles are filled for each meeting ahead of time and that we have at least one speech planned. If, for some reason, a speech is not planned, find another way to fill the time during that meeting (beg somebody to give a non-manual speech, plan a workshop or themed meeting, or panic).
  2.  Keep track of all members’ progress, especially when it comes to achieving CC, CL, and advanced titles. The spreadsheets are all available in the VPE Box folder, which I will share with you.
  3. Find peeps to chair contests when we have them, and consider doing an Open House, as I neglected to do that during my term. 
  4. New members – once the officers receive a confirmation email from the Treasurer, confirming that a new member is paid up, a) set up a one-on-one meeting with this new member (to get to know them and see how you can best motivate them, what their goals are, and get a feel for who would be a good mentor for them, b) find a mentor for this new member, c) schedule an Induction ceremony for the new member (contact the President beforehand as well to make sure that she brings her script for the ceremony), d) provide both the mentor and the mentee with an information/contact sheet so that they can easily get in touch with each other (these forms are in the VPE Box folder which I will share with you).