VP Public Relations

Welcome to the wonderful world of publishing and messaging. Just me personally, when I think of the term public relations, I think of spin, of presenting a message in an exact way to put the organization in the best positive light (especially during crises). You’ll likely do none of this at all.

A better analogy is Press Secretary. You are the public voice for our club. I read somewhere that you are also responsible for communication within the club as well, but that might be debatable.

The biggest and easiest thing is this: be yourself. Our club seems to have started with a laid-back, personable culture. I’ve strived to keep that vibe in my messages, to continue cultivating that club ‘personality.’ It’s my opinion that people will want to come to meetings where there are friends, not because we use Robert’s Rules of Order (bleh).

Maintaining the content on the website is a huge part of this job. I also try to keep our videographer Steve and the Source calendar up-to-date with our ever-changing location.

With apologies to District 8: Training at the TLI can be hit or miss. Sometimes you’ll get some good tips, but a lot of what they recommend is just not applicable since we are not a ‘public’ club. For instance, it’s pointless to learn the contact info for the local newspapers & radio/TV news outlets. Which means if there are events the campus needs to know about, you’ll want to tap into contacts around campus, or start a sidewalk chalk campaign, etc.