Club News

New Club Officers

Starting July 1, the club will have new club officers. Here they talk about their new role and share a favorite Toastmasters moment from years past!

President: John Richards II

I see my primary role as a bit of a cheerleader. One of my goals is to a create a more collaborative environment for all our members that will hopefully help people feel less overwhelmed when working on a speech. “

Favorite Toastmasters moment:When we got our own table at the TM speech contest because we had more people supporting our speakers than all the other clubs combined.”

Vice President Education: Anna Eggemeyer

“The role of VPE appealed to me because I enjoy working with people that I have a connection with due to our common interests (like Toastmasters!), and I think that interpersonal relationships and communication within the club like this will help foster growth with both current and new/future members.”

My favorite memory of Toastmasters was my first meeting ever, when I attended as a guest. The sense of inclusivity in the room, and the abundance of clapping after everyone spoke, and the camaraderie definitely made this feel like a unique and safe space, and a friendly group.”

Vice President Membership: Troy DeArmitt

“As VP Membership, I hope to instill a sense of celebration into every meeting we hold.”

I joined Toastmasters two years ago to conquer my anxiety about public speaking. A month ago I had to give the scariest and most consequential talk of my life ($50,000 was on the line, seriously). I went through the paces and dotted the I’s and when the moment came and I turned to face those forty ominous, blank faces, I didn’t have an ounce, a shred, a flutter of anxiety. I slayed it, or rather Toastmasters slayed it. It is a victory I will bask in for a good long while.”

Vice President Public Relations: Martin Yoakum

I think the strengths I have are best suited to this role. I’m not very comfortable with being in the spotlight, but in this role I can get a lot accomplished from behind the scenes.”

“My favorite memory of Toastmasters is the day when Mary Clemens delivered an entire 2 minute table topic while impersonating Donald Trump. As it was happening, we knew it was an event to remember. John took photos.”

Treasurer: Matt Carlson

I’ve never been a big fan of winter, and would really like to go to Brazil next January.  So my plan is to embezzle some, if not all, of the club’s money to fund my escape from the cold.  And it all starts with members paying their dues on time.”

“[A memory] that sticks out right now is when John explained what he would do if he won the lottery.  He said he’d put a bunch of money in a briefcase, and announce to the public that he was giving away a million dollars.  Then he’d hire a bunch of clowns to walk around downtown with briefcases handcuffed to their wrists, but only one of them would have the loot in it.”

Secretary: Cecily Stewart Hawksworth

Sergeant-at-arms: Chris Sherman

“It seems like a not-too-demanding role. I’ll give it my best shot.”

“My favorite Toastmasters memory is Rebecca’s ‘Quoi’ speech.”

Congratulations to the new officers!