2015 July Newsletter

New Club Officers


Front row, past officers: Troy DeArmitt, Kim Freels, Marcia Mannen, Jackie Lorrainne, Shirley Ikemeier, and Thomas Walker. Second row, current officers: Martin Yoakum, Anna Eggemeyer, Rebecca O’Laughlin, Rosalind Early, Josh Lawrence, Cecily Hawksworth, and Barb Laudel

By Marcia Mannen

On June 10 we held elections for club officers. There were speeches, laughter, and the passing of the gavel. Here the new officers share some of their darkest secrets, reasons they joined Toastmasters, and their plans for the club.

Josh Lawrence, President
Josh once sang a speed metal song in a band competition in college. He believes that the only reason he was selected to be the singer was that he had the longest hair (at the time). Josh is challenging himself to do more speeches this year. Let’s hope one of those includes performing a power ballad!

Cecily Stewart-Hawksworth, VP of Education
Cecily works in the graduate school and has served as the charter club secretary for WUSTL Speaks. She is fabulously energetic and committed to doing outstanding work for our club. She sewed our current Wizard of Ahs cape.

Rosalind Early, VP of Membership
Rosalind works for Public Affairs as the associate editor of periodicals and plans to use her design abilities to make a WUSTL Speaks brochure that will tell guests why they should join our club.

Martin Yoakum, VP of Communications
Martin works as a web developer for Public Affairs. His goal is to finish Competent Communicator in the next 12 months and improve his speeches by using fewer filler words.

Anna Eggemeyer, Treasurer
By maintaining our club finances, Anna hopes to ensure our status as a distinguished club again. On her goal as treasurer Anna stated, “I hope to save the club enough money to throw us a big party!” Anna will be working in Denali National Park in Alaska as part of a Sierra Club service trip this summer.

Rebecca O’Laughlin, Secretary
Rebecca is new to the club and wants to get more engaged and involved and hone her leadership skills. She likes meeting WashU staff, listening to speeches, and challenging herself to get out of her comfort zone.

Barb Laudel, Sergeant at Arms
Barb is serving as an officer in WUSTL Speaks because it’s a weekly commitment that will require attendance at the meetings. She is looking forward to a meeting where she participates in Table Topics.