2015 July Newsletter

New Member Spotlight: Rebecca O’Laughlin

Rebecca O'Laughlin

This month, we welcome Rebecca Linz O’Laughlin to WUSTL Speaks. She’s been working as an administrative assistant in the Comparative Literature department since August 2014, which is when she moved to St. Louis with her wife and their two sons.

Her favorite book since she was 11: Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh.

Favorite movie & TV show: 
TV: The Simpsons.
Movie: But I’m a Cheerleader.

Why she decided to join Toastmasters, in her own words: Even though I taught for quite a few years, I still get nervous before speaking in front of a group. Recently, I auditioned for a play called Listen to Your Mother, which is a show performed all around the country on Mother’s Day. The cast is made up of people who read monologues they’ve writtten themselves. I worked  really hard on my piece, and practiced a lot. During the audition, I was so nervous that I burst into tears and couldn’t stop crying. My piece was sad, but I was crying due to nerves. It was so embarrassing!

Something not many people know about her: She speaks fluent French. She loves to bake, and her specialty is cheesecakes. She’s distantly related to Lucille Ball and more closely related to a famous puppeteer. (Her uncle, Peter Linz, was the performer for the character Walter from the last Muppet movie. He’s also performed characters on Sesame Street, Blue’s Clues, and in the Broadway musical Avenue Q.)

—Cecily Stewart-Hawksworth