2015 March Newsletter

On Mama’s Pot Roast, God and Playboy

Charmaine Scott, Jackie Lorrainne and Chris Presley at the Mama's Pot Roast Meeting

Charmaine Scott, Jackie Lorrainne and Chris Presley at the Mama’s Pot Roast Meeting

By Chris Presley and Marcia Mannen

“I’ve never heard a speech before where someone quoted god and Playboy,” Troy DeArmitt said when offering his grammarian’s report at the March 4th meeting. He was talking about John Richards’ speech “Dreaming of REST,” about WordPress. The speech had quotes from Genesis and the girly magazine. John was practicing for an upcoming WordPress conference (see pg. 4). The speech was technical, but John inserted many funny quotes, and even a picture of Gollum. “We like our data raw and wriggling, just like this guy!” John said.

Rosalind Early also presented her speech “The Art of Losing: Three Tales of Loss.”

WUSTL Speaks was also fortunate to have WashU students Erin Sellers, Gabe Hoffman, and Anna McConnell represent Mama’s Pot Roast at our February 25th club meeting. Mama’s Pot Roast is the university’s longest-running improvisational and sketch comedy troupe. The students had no problem jumping right into our workshop by having every club member and James, a guest from the medical school, engage in a few “off the wall” icebreakers involving thick accents, imaginary animals, and “carrying” heavy objects across the room.

We continued in groups of two or three with improv scenes selected by the audience. At first, club members seemed a bit hesitant to step out of their comfort zones, but Mama’s Pot Roast demonstrated the scenes with so much energy that members soon got involved. If you were absent during this special edition of WUSTL Speaks, you missed one of our most interactive meetings and the the chance to show off your amazing acting skills!