2015 May Newsletter We Want You! Series

Presidential Prerogative: President Jackie Lorrainne

By Martin Yoakum

Jackie Lorrainne was one of the few WashU staffers who had been in Toastmasters before, so she was elected our charter club president. Though she had an already tightly packed schedule, Jackie jumped at the chance to lead the club and got us off to a great start during her term.

What’s your proudest accomplishment this past year? That’s easy. I’m most proud of completing my EMBA, while raising my children. But concerning accomplishments that are specific to Toastmasters, it’s not so easy to choose one; there are so many.

A number of our members have co
mpleted their Competent Communicator or Competent Leadership manuals in just this first year; that’s certainly a feat to be proud of.

Our club has had quite a few accomplishments outside of the Wednesday meetings. For example, participating in the contests and the TLI conferences. We may be a young club, but we’ve established ourselves as one not to be dismissed.


We Want You… to Run For Club Officer!

What advice would you give the new club president? Don’t take it too seriously or allow the demands to stress you out. Allow others to step up and take the lead. Be willing to take on any task and fill in wherever and whenever you can. Leaders are servants. If possible, visit other clubs and district events to bring new ideas to the club.   Be open and listen to the other officers.

What’s up for you in the next year? With all of my other responsibilities, I wasn’t able to give many prepared speeches. That’s definitely something I’d like to do more of. And I’ll still be in a leadership role, as the Immediate Past President.

Why do you think you were such a great club president? I was successful, because I was surrounded by other leaders and members that made me look good! Shirley, Troy, Marcia, Cecily, Kim, and Thomas were instrumental in my success as president. I am fortunate that they were willing to step up when they had to.

What are you going to miss most about being club president? I am going to miss planning the club meetings and activities. Sometimes there are no speakers, so we planned some out of the box meeting and it always came together.  We have never cancelled a meeting due to lack of participation. We always find a way…that’s the genius of this club.

This is part of the We Want You! Series, which profiled each of our charter club officers before they handed over the reins to the new team on July 1.