Club News

Smedley Club Contest Update

shutterstock_147052151Our club is in the middle of a membership drive and we’re trying to win the coveted Smedley Award. We must recruit FIVE new members by the end of September to win. We’ve already got one! Can we get four more?

Free Lunch

The club also set a goal to earn 100 points during the two month drive. If we beat the goal, then we all get a FREE LUNCH. We earn points when you bring in guests (5 points per guest), recruit new members (20 points), or give speeches (4 points). We met the 100 point goal, so now the club has raised the goal to 150 points! (We’re at 130 points).shutterstock_143984977

Bring in your friends, relatives, enemies, frenemies, office mates, and even your children (OK, children don’t count) as guests to earn the club points! 

But that’s not all! The person with the most points wins a $25 gift certificate and small award! You have two weeks left to try and win!

Current standings:

  1. New Member JULIA QIU has already earned 15 points!!!
  2. Jackie Lorrainne 13 points
  3. Josh Lawrence 12 points
  4. Barb Laudel 9 points