2015 February Newsletter

WUSTL Speaks about Race & Ethnicity

Janet Owen

WUSTL Speaks member Janet Owen at the conference on race & ethnicity

Members of WUSTL Speaks joined the conversation at Washington University’s Race & Ethnicity: A Day of Dialogue and Discovery

Several members of WUSTL Speaks including Janet Owen (pictured center), Mary Clemens, Amy Gassel, Club Secretary Cecily Hawksworth, Josh Lawrence, and Club President Jackie Lorrainne were selected to be delegates for a two-day, campus-wide conference about race and ethnicity on February 5 and 6. Delegates were asked to attend every session of the conference, lead conversations during break-out sessions, and be available to provide conference recaps. Some highlights from the conference were when Chancellor Mark Wrighton sat down at Amy and Jackie’s table for a half-hour chat, and when club member Rosalind Early’s father, Professor Gerald Early, gave a stirring keynote address.